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Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation


Document Hubs are Alation’s new documentation feature set, which will eventually replace articles. Document Hubs are available for public preview starting in 2024.1.

  • See Documentation for more about the advantages of Document Hubs and the future of articles.

  • See Document Hubs for help using Document Hubs.

Articles are Alation objects intended for long-form written content. Articles are ideal for internal help content, project documentation, technical and analytic content, and corporate best practices.

When writing an article, you can @-mention any piece of data, a user, or a saved query and directly embed that information. When you @-mention a piece of data in an article, that article will automatically appear on the Catalog page of the mentioned Alation object under Relevant Articles. You can also embed images and videos into articles.

Article groups bind together articles that provide information on one subject or are in some way related. For example, topics generated by your organization’s help desk could be provided with a unified template and stored as a single article group. Similarly, you could maintain a list of Best Practices, again using a unified template.

For more information about articles, see Work with Articles.

For best practices about writing articles, refer to Write Articles to Retain Institutional Knowledge.

For more information about article groups, see Work with Article Groups.