Alation requires a DB service account to read the following information:

  • DB Metadata

  • Table samples

  • Query History Logs

Query Log Ingestion enables Alation to  compute object usage and popularity, common query expressions and filters, and user expertise. It is recommended to enable query logging two weeks before installation if it is not enabled already.

Automated daily Query Log ingestion typically reads from a table, view, or source file system (depending on the database type). Ideally, queries executed in the last seven days can be read. If the daily query volume is large (more than a million/day) or if the DB server is constrained by disk space, a minimum of last three days worth of logs is required.

In environments where historical Query Log for a week or longer is available, the historical log can be ingested into Alation.

The sections that follow describe permissions and setup required for connecting data sources to Alation and ingesting metadata, samples, and query logs.

Supported Database Versions

Refer to the Support Matrix.