Alation Analytics V2 Server Architecture

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Applies from version 2020.3

Alation Analytics is installed outside of the Alation Chroot. The installation directory is /opt/alation-analytics. Before installation, when you untar the Alation Analytics V2 package into this directory, this action adds a number of files and folders, including the folder docker-images. It contains the Docker images that will be used by the Alation Analytics V2 installer to create the Alation Analytics V2 server components:

  • rabbitmq - image for the message broker RabbitMQ;

  • base-transform - image for multiple Transform services required to perform the ETL;

  • postgres - image for the Alation Analytics V2 database (PostgreSQL).


Alation Analytics V2 is PostgreSQL version 9.6.

All Alation Analytics Server components are installed as Docker containers in the directory /opt/alation-analytics outside of the Alation Chroot.

Same-server installation:


Installation on a separate server: