Resetting ETL Checkpoint for User Data

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Use the steps below to reset the ETL checkpoint for user data in Alation Analytics V2 after updating Alation to:

  • 2022.1.4 (or a later patch release of 2022.1 if 2022.1.4 is skipped)

  • 2021.4.10 (or a later patch release of 2021.4 if 2021.4.10 is skipped)

These steps require SSH access to the Alation server.

  1. Alation provides a script for resetting the user ETL checkpoint. Download the Zip file with the script from Alation Community: Reset ETL checkpoint for users in Alation Analytics V2 (requires login to Community).

  2. Extract the script file

  3. Copy the script file to the Alation server. Initially, you can place it into the /tmp directory on the host.

  4. Use SSH to connect to the Alation server.

  5. Copy the file to the /tmp directory inside the Alation chroot. For example, if you have it in the /tmp directory on the host, then copy it to the /tmp directory at /opt/alation/alation/data2/tmp/.

    sudo cp /tmp/ /opt/alation/alation/data2/tmp/
  6. Enter the Alation shell:

    sudo /etc/init.d/alation shell
  7. Change user to alation:

    sudo su alation
  8. Copy the file to /opt/alation/django/alation_analytics_v2/one_off_scripts/.

    cp /data2/tmp/ /opt/alation/django/alation_analytics_v2/one_off_scripts/
  9. Navigate to the one_off_scripts directory:

    cd /opt/alation/django/alation_analytics_v2/one_off_scripts/
  10. Run the script:

  11. Exit from the Alation shell:

  12. Go to the Alation Analytics V2 Settings page in the Alation user interface and run the ETL.