Release Notes 4.7.X

Release 4.7.0


  • In the Catalog Browser, the article card now defaults to the more-popular Taxonomy View.  If you switch to List View, the toggle is now sticky, so List View will show on reload.

  • You can now choose to limit which Tableau projects are extracted to Alation, previously restrictions were based on Tableau Server permissions.

  • In the lineage tab on BI object catalog pages, the current object is now highlighted in orange in the lineage graph.

  • In Advanced Search, we no longer show facets for custom text fields, since the values are often paragraph-form text which is not suitable for faceting.

  • In search and @-mention boxes, we now boost the ranking of exact matches of qualified object names like schema.table or table.column

  • When running queries on Hive, Compose now shows the hive execution log as the query is running, providing better visibility into the progress as well as clearer error messages.

  • We no longer show deleted items in the expertise list on a user profile page.

Bug Fixes

  • When you are viewing a snippet of SQL, the text will now wrap around, so you can view the entire content.

  • Save/Cancel buttons stay showing when a text field is in edit mode even if you mouse away.

  • Filter box stays showing when you are filtering a table, even if you mouse away.

  • We now correctly make links open in a new tab when that option is selected in the link editor on any rich text field.

  • When viewing results against an Oracle database using an aggregation function, you can receive the full results. Previously, we truncated the results.

  • In 4.6.0 we introduced a regression that prevented @-mentions from being updated when the title of the mentioned object was updated.  Re-titling an object will now update any @-mention links in descriptions, articles, conversations, and custom text fields.

Admin Release Notes


  • In this release, it is possible to work with your Alation Support rep to tune your Alation instance for faster Hive Tez QLI.

  • We now allow kerberos configuration in the Deployment Wizard by entering a JDBC URI directly (rather than relying on us to build it by entering a host, port, and kerberos principal).

  • When users sign up with SSO or LDAP, they no longer are provided the option to change their email address, since we rely on the email address from the authentication system.

Release 4.7.1


  • We’ve updated UI of Tableau pages on Alation. Now Tableau workbook pages are consistent with the rest of Catalog.

  • We’ve extended Tableau lineage support. We added support for federated public and private data sources, workbooks created with earlier Tableau versions, etc.

Admin Release Notes

Now you can control which sites and projects Alation should index during Tableau metadata extraction. We added site/project picker to Tableau Settings Page (similar to schema picker for data source metadata extraction). To use that functionality the service account should have site admin privileges.


  • We improved the mirroring of Tableau permissions on Alation. Now Alation respects more detailed permission model, that includes server/site admin privileges, deny privileges and other types.

  • Improved logging for Tableau metadata extraction, including detailed information about skipped workbooks.

Bug Fixes

  • We now extract all Tableau workbooks. This feature is behind a flag. Since the functionality requires site admin privileges for the Alation service account and won’t work with a regular service account. Once you update Alation service account, you can turn those features on.