Required Information

To configure MySQL in Alation, you will need the following information:

  • Hostname or IP address of your server

  • Port number

  • Service account with following privileges

  • Query Log Ingestion setup:  slow_log to archive table



Firewall Configuration:

  • Open outbound TCP port 3306 to MySQL server

Create Service Account

Sample SQL to create an account

CREATE USER 'alation'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '[password]';

Metadata Extraction

GRANT SELECT ON [database].* TO 'alation'@'%';
GRANT SHOW VIEW ON [database].* TO 'alation'@'%';

Table Profiling

GRANT SELECT ON [database].* TO 'alation'@'%';
GRANT SHOW VIEW ON [database].* TO 'alation'@'%';

Query History

Supported for MySQL 5.1.6 and higher. MySQL slow_log system table is used to get query history. The recommended procedure is to enable slow_log on MySQL and to periodically flush slow_log into an archive table. Alation will read queries from the archive table.

Slow Query Log adds some performance overhead and is only recommended for OLAP environments where the queries are infrequent and are mostly for analytical purposes.

To enable Slow Query Log, run the following queries as an admin user.

SET GLOBAL slow_query_log=1;
SET GLOBAL log_output='TABLE';
SET long_query_time=0;
SET min_examined_row_limit=0;


  • Slow Query Log can only be truncated and rows cannot be deleted.

  • Administrative queries and queries not using indices are not logged by default.