Migrating Existing Hive Data Sources to Configuration-Based Hive

To migrate your existing Hive data sources to the new Hive framework, follow the steps in this section. Note that this process will require that you reconfigure your Hive data source by providing Hive client configuration files.

To migrate your Hive data source,

  1. Sign in to Alation and go to the Settings page of your Hive data source.

  1. On the General Settings tab, find section Upgrade to Configuration-Based Deployment



This section will only appear after you have enabled the Configurations-Based Hive feature: Enabling Configuration-Based Hive.

  1. In this section, click Upgrade and in the confirmation dialog, confirm the action. The General Settings page of this data source will open. This page will require that you provide additional configuration information to complete the transition.

  2. Find the Configuration Uploader section and click Upload Configurations. From the file manager window, select the required configuration file and confirm. It will be uploaded to your Hive General Settings page:

  3. If for any Hive sources you need to view the uploaded archive, you can download the tarball to your machine to view. In the Configuration Uploader section, click Download to download the files from Alation.

  4. If you need to upload a different configuration file, click the name of the lready uploaded file to bring up the file manager window and select a new configurations tarball to upload.

  5. Find the Hive Hadoop Versions section and select the Hive and Hadoop versions of your Hive data source then click Save:

  6. Click Test to test the connection.

  7. If necessary, perform MDE, QLI, and data profiling. This may only be required if the database structure has changed since the previous MDE. If not, all data jobs will run as scheduled.

You have migrated your Hive data source to the new framework.