Presto on Hive

Required Information

To configure Presto in Alation, you will need the following information:

  • Hostname or IP address of your Presto server

  • Port number

  • Metastore URI (thrift format)

  • Service account with privileges listed below

  • Query Log Ingestion setup:  No additional requirements



Firewall Configuration:

  • Open outbound TCP port

  • The HTTP Port to Presto Coordinator. For example: 8080

  • Port 9083 to Hive Metastore server

Create Service Account

This account needs to be able to access underlying Hive metastore server and have SELECT privileges.

Metadata Extraction

  • Plain vanilla environment without authentication: No requirements

  • Kerberized Hive metastore server: We need a DB service account with SELECT privileges.

Table Profiling

Service account should have SELECT privileges to all the tables.

Query History

No additional requirements. No view or table needs to be specified in the Alation UI.