Snowflake Connector Release Notes

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

June 26, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.4.3


Applies only to Alation Cloud Service on the cloud native architecture

When installed on an Alation Agent, this connector now supports authenticating with credentials the Agent has fetched from AWS Secrets Manager. For more information, see Integration with AWS Secrets Manager for Data Source Authentication Using OCF Connector. (AL-159538)

Fixed Issues

MDE Extracts Schemas Outside the Selected Scope for Selective Extraction

In Snowflake OCF connector version 2.0.0 and higher, the MDE also extracts schemas outside the inclusion scope when selective extraction is enabled.

The issue is now fixed. (AL-156145)

April 29, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.3.4

Fixed Issues

Tag Sync Feature Fails to Use OAuth Authentication

The Snowflake OCF connector doesn’t use OAuth authentication to sync the tags with Snowflake. Instead, it uses the service account to connect.

The issue is fixed. Now, the Tag Sync and Policy Sync features use an OAuth connection. (AL-152797, AL-153738)


This fix will be available with Alation version 2024.1.2 onwards.

April 10, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.3.3

Fixed Issues

Catalog Page Displays Incorrect Row Count for Tables

The catalog page displays the number of rows profiled by Alation instead of actual row count.

Now, the catalog page displays the row count based on the value set in the Max rows to Scan column under the Per-Object Parameters tab. If the row count in a table is less than the configured value in Max rows to Scan column, the actual row count is displayed. If it is more, Alation would display the row count value as 10000+, provided the Max rows to Scan is set to 10000. (AL-152558)

March 13, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.3.2


Improved Error Message for Incorrect Warehouse

In case of an incorrect warehouse name or inaccessible warehouse, the error message now provides cues to check the validity of the warehouse along with required user permissions. (AL-149456)

Improved Experience for Volume Check Threshold UI Message

As part of the QLI volume check, the following redundant message was displayed for daily average query volume less than 500K.

“Your daily average query volume <average query volume> is less than 500k.

Now, the message is displayed only when the daily average query volume exceeds the 500K threshold. (AL-141936)

Fixed Issues

Upload Data Fails for Column Data Type timestamp_NTZ

For Snowflake data source, the Upload Data action fails with the following error for the column data type timestamp_NTZ:

The uploaded data does not seem to match the selected table

Now, you must ensure that you run MDE before you try the Upload Data action again. (AL-138612)

Custom QLI Query Validation Fails If the ENDTIME Keyword Appears Before the STARTTIME

Including the STARTTIME and ENDTIME keywords in the Custom QLI queries is mandatory. However, the connector restricts users from using the ENDTIME keyword before the STARTTIME keyword within a custom query. This results in a validation error for the custom QLI queries that require the ENDTIME keyword to appear before the STARTTIME keyword and the user cannot save it.

Now, the connector allows the users to successfully save the custom QLI query irrespective of the STARTTIME or ENDTIME keyword order. (AL-149456)

February 28, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.3.0


Docker CIS Benchmark Compliance

Snowflake OCF connector versions 2.3.0 and newer are now compliant with the following Docker CIS benchmarks:

  • Docker 4.1 - Ensures that a user for the container is created

  • Docker 4.6 - Ensures that HEALTHCHECK instructions are added to container images

  • Docker 4.7 - Ensures that docker files do not include update instructions as a standalone or single-line instruction

Additional Checks for QLI

Snowflake OCF connector now checks the inclusion of queryString, startTime, or sessionID column in the view or custom query used for QLI. If the queryString, startTime, or sessionID column is missing, the connector displays an error message and a hint in the Job summary. This check prevents log flooding.

January 31, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.2.15

Fixed Issue

Alation Prevents Completion of Test Connection and Test Access and Fetch Actions Without System Views Access

You can now complete the Test Connection and Test Access and Fetch Schema actions on the General Settings and Metadata Extraction tabs, respectively, even when your configured service account cannot access system views but would like to use custom views instead.

In such cases, Alation now displays a warning message allowing you to proceed if you intend to use Custom MDE Queries to configure and run extraction. This functionality was blocked in connector version 2.2.13 and has now been re-introduced.

January 03, 2024

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.2.13

Fixed Issues

Compose Uses Incorrect Version of the JDBC Driver

Snowflake OCF connector supports the latest JDBC driver version (version 3.14.1). However, Compose is unable to use the latest version of the JDBC driver and falls back to the native version.

December 13, 2023

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.2.11

Compatible Alation Version - 2022.4 or higher


The allowUnderscoresInHost Parameter is Automatically Set in the JDBC URI

If you miss setting the allowunderscore parameter in the JDBC URI field on the General Settings tab of the Snowflake data source, the Snowflake OCF connector automatically sets the allowunderscore parameter to true (allowunderscore=true).

With this enhancement, Snowflake OCF connector supports underscores in the account names included in the Privatelink JDBC URLs.

Fixed Issues

Metadata Extraction Fails In the Absence of ALLOWED_VALUES Column

In Snowflake OCF connector version 2.2.9 and earlier, Alation introduced a new column called ALLOWED_VALUES in the Tag extraction query to extract all the available values associated with the ALLOWED_VALUES parameter from the Snowflake data source. If this column is absent in the custom query for the tag, MDE fails.

This column has now been made optional to ensure that MDE runs successfully for users who have installed the latest Snowflake OCF Connector version (2.2.9 and higher) on an earlier Alation version.

November 16, 2023

Snowflake OCF Connector: Version 2.2.9

Compatible Alation version: 2022.4 or higher


With Alation version 2023.3.2.1 and Snowflake OCF connector version 2.2.9, Alation has introduced an enhanced user interface for configuring the Snowflake data source settings.


The connector version is compatible with Alation versions prior to 2023.3.2.1. However, you will view the old user interface with Alation versions prior to 2023.3.2.1.

The documentation for the new Snowflake experience is available at Snowflake OCF Connector.

The enhanced user interface provides the following features:

Improved User Experience

The enhanced Snowflake Admin user interface provides better navigation and multiple visual cues, making it easy to configure and manage Snowflake data source.

Easy to Connect

The Snowflake Admin user interface now provides a step-by-step process to connect to your Snowflake data source easily and quickly.

Extra Error-Prevention Checks

The Snowflake Admin user interface now includes added checks to avoid obvious configuration mistakes. The user interface also includes text to assist and provide cues while configuring.

Actionable Error Messages and Detailed Error Reports

The Snowflake Admin user interface has made troubleshooting easier for metadata extraction and query log ingestion, as you can now have actionable error messages. We also support a detailed error report for Metadata Extraction, which contains a detailed error description and steps to resolve the issue.