Whitelist the Alation Cloud Service IP

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Use the steps in this section to whitelist the Alation Cloud Service IP on different network provider platforms where the instances are running under a public subnet and have a public IP.

Amazon Web Services

IPs are whitelisted in security groups under EC2 services.

  1. In the EC2 service select the Security Group from the side panel:

  2. Create a new security group and add the necessary protocol, port, and IP address CIDR:

  3. Attach the security group to the necessary instance to allow access.


  1. For accessing device configuration, log in with Cisco ASDM.

  2. Access the Access Rules.

  3. Add the new IP address and an action in order to whitelist the respective address:



  1. Login to the Azure console and navigate to Virtual Machines.

  2. Select the VM.

  3. Choose the network setting.

  4. Add the corresponding inbound rules with the Source as IP Address and ports to whitelist: