Catalog Pages

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

The fundamental unit of the data catalog is the catalog page. Catalog pages hold information about a company’s data assets, including data objects, queries, BI content, and more. For each data asset, the catalog page includes a title, description, and fields for additional information. Most catalog pages have templates that can be customized with custom fields.

Catalog pages are the primary way that Alation conveys specific data object information to its users. With Alation, information about data is documented in one place, reducing the need to rely on institutional knowledge for users to gain an understanding of their data sources.

Your data stewards can add important context to catalog pages by doing some or all of the following:

  • Documenting queries so new or inexperienced analysts can understand and re-run existing queries.

  • Curating data sets so that key resources are not asked the same question repeatedly.

Catalog pages have two main flavors: the Classic User Experience and the New User Experience. The new user experience is currently in Public Preview.