Creating a New Glossary

Applies to releases before V R5 (5.9.x)

To create a new glossary, in either hat,

  1. Navigate to the Glossaries pull-down menu.

  2. Click Create Glossary:


Here, you can,

  • hover near the New Glossary text to reveal two buttons. The pencil allows you to edit the title, and the ? allows you to ask experts to assist you in creating a title.

  • change the number of rows you see and search for certain terms in your glossary in the search bar.

  • navigate pages using the up and down arrows. You can also view the total number of articles here.

  • add category columns about author, content, or template to expand or better facilitate your data.

  • expand the contents of your data to full screen.


To learn more about viewing articles in your Business Glossary, click here.