Alation Analytics Top Contributors Report

Alation Cloud Service Applies to Alation Cloud Service instances of Alation

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Available from version 2021.3

The Alation Analytics application includes a report on the most active users in the catalog — Top Contributors — on the Built In tab of the Alation Analytics Dashboard.


To make the Built In tab available on the Alation Analytics Dashboard, a Server Admin must enable it in Admin Settings > Feature Configuration. For steps to enable it, see Enable Alation Analytics Top Contributors Report.

The Top Contributors report is a leaderboard listing the top ten contributors to the catalog. It is available to all admin roles: Server Admins, Catalog Admins, and Source Admins.

The contributor ranking is based on total points for the following actions:

  • Articles created

  • Flags populated

  • Queries published

  • Tags created

  • RDBMS data sources curated

  • BI sources curated


If there is insufficient data for the date range selected on the Alation Analytics Dashboard, the top contributors ranking will be based on the few contributions that were retrieved from the database. In this case, a warning icon will be displayed next to the report title, informing users that the report data may be insufficient to be representative.

The Top Contributors report has two views: Showcase and Table. Use the toggle on the top right of the report area to switch between the views.


The Showcase view displays the top ten contributor names, with the top three most active users represented with their avatars.



The Table view displays the top ten contributors in the tabular format.


Open New Query in Compose

You can view the SQL query that is used to populate the Top Contributors report in Compose. Click the Open New Query In Compose button for the report to open the query in Compose. The Users/Groups and Date Range filters that may be currently set on the report will also be transferred to the query as it opens in Compose.


The query that opens in Compose is a new query that shows the SQL behind the Top Contributors report. Each time you click the Open New Query In Compose button, a new query is created based on the Top Contributors report. Modifying this query will not modify the actual report as it appears on the Alation Analytics Dashboard.

Filter Options

The Top Contributors report can be filtered by Users/Groups and Date Range. These filter options are located on the top right of the leaderboard:

  • Select Users/Groups — Select specific users or groups whose contributions to the catalog you wish to view.


    Filtering by groups is available from version 2022.3.

  • Date Range — Select a date range from a list or a set a custom date range for the report data.


When you apply a filter to the Top Contributors report, the filter will also apply to the report if it appears on Alation homepages.

Top Contributors Report on Homepage

Catalog or Server Admins can add the Top Contributors report to Alation homepages to be viewed by all users or specific user roles. On how to add it to homepages, see Alation Analytics Leaderboard on Homepage.