Enable Lineage Frameworks

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Over time, Alation has provided several lineage frameworks that power the calculation of lineage information in the Alation data catalog. The available lineage framework for your Alation instance depends on the Alation version. On older versions, the lineage framework requires manual enablement. On newer versions, the most recent lineage framework is enabled by default.

  • Lineage V2

    • Introduced in release V R6 (5.10.x).

    • Starting in release 2021.2, Lineage V2 is enabled by default. You only need to manually enable it if you are on a version older than 2021.2. Refer to Enable Lineage V2.

  • Lineage V3

    • Introduced in release 2022.1.2.

    • Starting in release 2022.4, Lineage V3 is enabled by default on all new Alation installations. You only need to explicitly enable it if you’ve updated Alation to 2022.4 from an older version and you’re still using Lineage V2. Refer to Enable Lineage V3.