Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Test Connection

If the test connection fails, make sure the JDBC URI and the service account credentials are entered correctly.

Logs to be collected

  • Alation Connector Manager logs:

    • Tail:

      docker logs -f agent
    • Write to a file:

      docker logs agent >& agent.logs 2>&1
  • Connector logs:

    • To get the connector ID:

      alation_ypireti list --fields id name
    • To tail:

      docker logs tail -100 <connector_id>


      alation_ypireti kratos --subcommand tail <connector_id>
    • Write logs to a file:

      docker logs <connector_id> >& <connector_name>.logs 2>&1


      alation_ypireti kratos --subcommand tail <connector_id> > connector.log 2>&1
    • Write logs from specific date to a file:

      alation_ypireti kratos --subcommand logs <connector_id> --since 2020-08-15 3  > connector.log 2>&1
  • Ingestion logs:

    Ingestion logs are available in the celery-default_error.log file.

  • OCF.log