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Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation


This information applies to both Backup V1 and Backup V2.

The default storage location for the backup files is /data2/backup inside the Alation shell. The default backup storage directory can be changed using the alation_conf parameter alation.backup.data_dump_dir. At any time, the alation.backup.data_dump_dir parameter points to the location of the compressed backup files created by the backup process.

On versions before 2021.4, Alation creates one backup file—the Alation backup.

Starting in version 2021.4, Alation creates two backup files—the Alation backup and the Event Bus backup. Both backup files are required to restore the Alation application.

By default, the backup process will create two .tar.gz backup files in the backup directory: the Alation backup (includes the Postgres database backup) and the Event Bus backup.

  • Alation backup: <timestamp_version>_alation_backup.tar.gz

    Example: 202008140102_5-17-0-116556_alation_backup.tar.gz

  • Event Bus backup: <timestamp_version>_alation_eb_backup.tar.gz

    Example: 202109232027_10-0-0-147420_alation_eb_backup.tar.gz


    The Event Bus backup tarball name differs from the Alation backup file name with the _eb_ suffix.