Tableau Troubleshooting Tips

Migrating to Tableau 10.5

Moving to version 10.5 can cause the following error in older versions of Alation: column u_table.admin_level does not exist

To fix the issue follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Alation shell:

    sudo service alation shell
  2. Enter the Django shell:

  3. Run the following commands. The ID can be obtained in the Alation UI from the URL of the source:

    ts = TableauServer.objects.get(id=<id_of_server>)

Using an AD Account

There is a known issue where if an AD is used for the Tableau Server account, and that account needs to be entered with the AD Realm information (for example: XX\acct_name), then you may see extraction fail.

The workaround for this is to change the following alation_conf value:

alation_conf tableau.extraction.pg_filter_sites_by_server_account -s False