How to Configure Alation to Use HTTP Proxy for All Web-bound Traffic

Requires version 4.14.8 or 4.18.0+


This does not proxy Alation UI traffic used by your internal team to connect to the Alation server. The only traffic proxied is the outbound traffic that includes health and usage stats to Alation, Inc.

Step-By-Step Guide

From the Alation shell:

# enter the shell
sudo /etc/init.d/alation shell
# use alation_conf to set values
alation_conf -s <Proxy host/ip>
# set port, if available
alation_conf -s <Proxy port> proxy.port
# set username, if available
alation_conf -s <Proxy username> proxy.username
# set password, if available
alation_conf -s <Proxy password> proxy.password

(OPTIONAL) If the proxy does NOT use http, indicate the protocol for communication using the following command:

alation_conf -s <protocol> proxy.scheme

The following steps are all required, regardless:

alation_conf -s True proxy.enabled
alation_action deploy_conf_datadog_agent
alation_action restart_alation