Update Alation Connector Manager

Customer Managed Applies to customer-managed instances of Alation

Applies from release 2021.1

After updating your Alation instance to a newer release, use these steps to update Alation Connector Manager. This instruction applies when Alation Connector Manager and OCF connectors are installed on the same host with the Alation application.


Alation Connector Manager only needs to be updated when an Alation release or a patch release includes changes that affected it. This is usually called out in the update instructions for a specific release.

Most of the commands given in this section require using sudo.

To update Alation Connector Manager:

  1. On the Alation host, outside of the Alation shell, stop Alation Connector Manager.

    sudo service hydra stop
  2. Make sure that the corresponding container is stopped.

    docker ps --filter name=agent
  3. Copy and paste the script below into the console and run it. The script will update the alation-hydra package on the host. Respond to the prompt in the console to confirm the update.

    if sudo yum list install hydra &> /dev/null; then
    sudo yum install /opt/alation/alation/opt/addons/hydra/hydra.rpm
    sudo yum update /opt/alation/alation/opt/addons/hydra/hydra.rpm
  4. Start Alation Connector Manager.

    sudo service hydra start
  5. Enter the Alation shell.

    sudo /etc/init.d/alation shell
  6. Change the user to alation.

    sudo su alation
  7. Verify that the Django OCF Connector service ypireti can reach Alation Connector Manager.

    alation_ypireti list --fields id name hydra

    The output will confirm connection to Alation Connector Manager at the configured port and print the current OCF connector metadata if any OCF connectors are installed.

  8. Exit from the user and the Alation shell by using exit two times.

Check Version of Alation Connector Manager

To find out the version of Alation Connector Manager that is installed on the Alation host:

  1. Use SSH to connect to the Alation host.

  2. On the host, outside of the Alation shell, check the version with this command:

    sudo hydra version

The output will look similar to the following:

[ssh-user@ip-172-31-27-47]$ sudo hydra version

Hydra version 1.2.0-766, by Alation
Built on Fri, 22 Apr 2022 17:56:24 +0000
Key Generation and Encryption Provided by OpenSSL 1.1.1n
Git Commit                  21b02e4
Hydra Agent                 603c031b177d
Hydra Remote Proxy          f70f79b10b4c

Check Alation Connector Manager Package Version

From version 2022.2, you can find the version number in the name of the Alation Connector Manager package in /opt/alation/alation/opt/addons/hydra (ouside of the Alation shell), for example: /opt/alation/alation/opt/addons/hydra/hydra-1.2.0-766.rpm.


This directory also contains symlinks hydra.deb and hydra.rpm, which is expected.

In versions before 2022.2, the package version is not present in the package name.